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About Us

AALC (Accudata Analytical Labs Corporation) was registered with the Philippine SEC on Sept 12, 2018.

Who we are

Accudata Analytical Labs Corporation (AALC) is a testing, research and method development laboratory designed for detection, quantitation and determination of properties of active ingredients in food, feeds and health products formulations. The facility is located in Calamba, Laguna, and serves as a third-party laboratory that provides independent and reliable test results to producers of formulations in their product development efforts. 

Analytical services are performed in accordance with applicable national and international standards and world-class best quality practices. Specialized detection and quantitation involving additional methods development are also rendered as needed.


Founded as a Pay Forward Endeavor by Philippine Science High School 2nd Batch Scholars in appreciation of the benefits received as “Scholars ng Bayan”



To provide the critical invaluable analytical laboratory testing services in the product development chain of our customers who are involved in the food, health and feeds industries by consistently producing reliable and dependable analysis of formulations based on the highest quality standards.

To ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining independence, impartiality, integrity, confidentiality and cost effectiveness in its operations.

To develop and maintain highly skilled and competent professional workforce and improve quality management systems continuously.



To be a recognized as a major contributor in achieving world-class standards for our local companies in the food, health and feeds industries that will bring about not only meaningful improvements of the health and well-being of our population but also allowing them to successfully compete globally.

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