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ASF Testing Services

STOP the Spread of the Virus.

Let US test your PIGS 

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Our ASF Missions:

•To support the ASF Testing needs of the barangays in their quest to recapture their lost livelihood due to ASF.

•To make the hog growers embrace the concept of RT-PCR testing as the only currently available way to determine with a high degree of accuracy the presence of ASF virus

•To work with the Local Government Units on implementing effective measures to minimize the spread of ASF and ultimately eradicate the disease from our country.



Spot testing using swab, blood or tissue samples.

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Regular testing services for progress monitoring and to trigger immediate  response and containment, if needed. 

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Veterinary Support Services to support LGU  Repopulation Programs

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Focused customized monitoring programs for Backyard Swine Farmers

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